The leaders of our tours have the desire and enthusiasm to share the quest for the
"perfect shot" with fellow photo enthusiasts. They will be sharing their knowledge
and experience with camera technology, taking pictures and locations.





Tour leader, Brian Paine, was born and raised in New England. His parents shared their love
of the area with him and, from early on, they spent all their free time showing him around "THEIR"
home. Brian and his father would leave home before sunrise and head out to take pictures. They
visited the usual "tourist" stops and then headed off to explore and photograph the back roads.
Brian actually discovered where some of the best TREES were to be found and photographed!
His knowledge of the areas will take you to places tour buses can't and won't go! Some of the
"locals" have yet to discover his "secret" places.

His family extends to the Maine coast. His relatives in Maine have been lobster fishing there for
generations. When not photographing the lobster boats and draggers. He's been seen at the
shoreline waiting for the sun to come up. The "locals" have even named a cove after him because
he has been seen "shooting" it from every angle. His explorations of the area have taken him to
places his relatives have never seen before and for those areas they do know about, he makes
sure they reveal the locations to him.

Brian is there to help you find "the shot", use your camera functions to get it, and help you with
the elements of photography. Brian's love for photography is matched by his love for sharing
his knowledge of the area with individuals who have never been there before.