The tour has a planned itinerary, however, the tour leaders have been known to make frequent and sudden stops
for irresistible photo opportunities. There will be radio communications between cars so participants can assist in
finding those irrisistible shots. We will depart Amesbury Saturday September 25th at 8:00a and head up route 93 to
Franconia Notch. En route we will encounter many of those irresistible photos ops previously mentioned. We will be watching
for foliage, streams, water falls, lakes, wild life etc. Our destination will be the Franconia, NH area and will be trying to time a
late afternoon
shoot at St Matthews Chapel in Sugar Hill, NH. We will RON (remain over night) in the Franconia area.


Sunday morning we will depart early...7a...that means checking out, getting coffee, and on the road NLT
(not later than) 7a. Our first destination is Polly's Pancake Parlor on Sugar Hill for breakfast. After breakfast and
"shooting" the Sugar Hill area we will work our way via back roads to Crawford's Notch and Jackson, NH. We'll
be stopping for gas and a "box lunch". There will be water falls, foliage, streams, Mt. Washington Resort
and, if time permits, the Cog Railway. Along the way we will find a secluded stream bed where we can have our

box lunches and shoot pictures.
After lunch it's back on the trail to Jackson and..a covered bridge and water falls
will RON in this area for three nights.

The next morning we will be up early to shoot. There will be lots of photo ops around the area so we can have
coffee and shoot before we head for North Conway for breakfast and look for a place to get another
"box lunch". Then it's off to explore the back roads and the town of N. Conway. There is a scenic Rail Road there
which offers a chance for the RR buffs to have fun. We're going exploring and find another covered bridge to
shoot and have a lunch break. We'll use up all the daylight we can and then return to the hotel. Diner can be
somewhere in the surrounding area. For those die hards there will be a chance for night shots.

Wednesday morning up and check out NLT 7a. We will be on our way back to Boston but probably stopping
every 100 yards or so (just kidding...I hope). Remember, we will be in communications via radio so keep your eyes
and your head on a swivel and let's find the "perfect shot".

Please remember...specific destinations are subject to change. We want to see and shoot everything so
we have to be flexible with the weather and shooting requests.

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