Texas Bluebonnets

We've all picked up a magazine and looked at photos of or read an article about the Texas Hill Country
and the Bluebonnets. Texas Bluebonnets are springtime to Texas and are joined with a plethora of wildflowers
ranging in colors and species. Roadsides, pastures, and raw land are transformed into God's paint pallet. It is no wonder,
year after year, photographers, both professional and amature, flock to this area to capture the beauty
these colors present. The landscape is covered with props unique to Texas...cedars, limestone rocks,
cacti, mesquite trees, old farm equipment, windmills, buildings from past eras, wildlife and more combine to set
the stage for photo opportunities that shout TEXAS !

Photo Tours Of America offers both day safaris from Houston (Chappell Hill, Washington on the Brazos, Burton,
Round Top, Industry, Bellville)
as well as full multi-day explorations into the Hill Country. Areas such as Fredericksburg,
Marble Falls, Llano, Johnson City, Burnet, Austin, Bandera, and others will not be overlooked. These are trips that
will enable you to fill a book with great shots.