A. Camera body and back up...fantastic photos can be taken with the simplest point and shoot to the top of the
line SLR's. Bring what you have and be ready to look for that "perfect shot."

B. Lenses...we will have the opportunity to photograph anything from macro close-ups to long range telephotos.
Bring the lenses which will fit your style of photography. Don't forget filters if you are accustomed to using them.

C. Flash, Tripod and/or Monopod. Never leave home without your flash and always anticipate the need of a camera
stabilization device.

D. Spare battery or batteries and your charger.

E. Cleaning cloth and brush. Your equipment WILL need a quick cleaning from time to time.

F. LOTS and LOTS of memory. Only you know the volume of pictures you shoot. However, the photo ops are endless
and you can never have too much memory.

G. Vest...just a suggestion. Camera bags work well but a vest is perfect for the short or long walks away from the car
You can carry just what you need for that small excurtion

H. Cable release or remote for slow shutter speed, tripod shots

I. Pen and note pad

J. Walking stick

K. "Rainsleeve"...or some sort of protection for your camera while shooting in inclement weather.

l. Binoculars

M. Umbrella