Boston Tour Description

Day 1

We are going to begin this tour Sunday 8:00a and head to Boston. We will walk the "freedom trail" and take in all it has to offer.
Fear not, we will not get lost. The good people of Boston painted a red line on the sidewalks to follow! we're going to visit the USS Constitution "Old Ironsides"...the oldest commissioned warship afloat in the world. On board you
will be "transported" back in time to life on an old sailing warship. We will make this our first stop in order to avoid the crowds.

From "Old Ironsides" we will get back on the "trail" and head to the Old North Church. This is the church from which Paul Revere got the signal about the British advance..."one if by land...two if by sea". Just down the street we will go by Paul Revere's of Boston's best known landmarks. We are going to be finding ourselves in the "north end"..."little Italy" will put on weight just smelling the aroma of Italian cooking! Architect, people, store fronts, still lifes...a bounty of photo ops. Your head will be spinning!

Next we are going to the Boston Commons. We will be going through Quincy Market...a great place to find food and loaded with photo ops. In this vicinity we will visit Faneuil Hall nicknamed "Cradle of Liberty" where revolutionary colonists met. Just down the street we will photograph "The Union Oyster House" If you like oysters or clam chowdaaa...this is the place! Just photographing the action at the bar is worth the trip.

Back on the "trail" we will walk over to the "Old State House". Here is where the "Bostom massacre" took place and the citizens of Boston gathered to hear the Declaration of Independence read. On our wat to the "Commons" we will go by Park Street Church and the Granary Burying Ground. Among others, three signers of the Declaration of Independence are burried here...Samuel Adams, John Hancock, and Robert Treat Paine. The "Commons" is the oldest park in the country and has hosted celebrities Martin Luther King Jr., Pope John Paul II and others. Beside the "Commons" is "Cheers" for those who would like to photograph a part of TV history.

Beacon Hill ...a National Historic District. Working gas lamps, ancient elms, coble stone streets, brick sidewalks and more make this area a photographer's dream! As we walk through this district, getting blisters on our fingers from shooting, we will be working our way back to the North End for dinner and back to the hotel to call it a day.


Day 2

We leave early today and head to the little "Art Colony" of Rockport MA. We want to get here to get easy parking and ahead of the crowds. Shopping, food and of course PHOTOGRAPHY, await us here. Rockport is a tiny fishing harbor but be on the lookout for closeups and still lifes. When we leave here we will by driving up routes 1 and 1A through quaint little towns full of "the New England Charm" and arriving in Newburyport. (Newbreeport to the locals) Newburyport was home to sailing vessels. Sea captains made this town home and many of their homes are still here and private residences. Churches, brick buildings, cobble stones, quaint shopping and photo ops are here for us. While in this area we will visit the towns of Merrimac, Amesbury, and West Newbury. The back roads of this area offer foliage shots that rival the White Mountains of New Hampshire! On our way back to our hotel we will stop for dinner.

Day 3

Today finds us on our way to Concord and Lexington. This is where it all started...The Revolutionary War. Lexington Green and Concord's Old North Bridge where the "shot heard 'round the world" was fired. This is the site of American's first military victory. This area with buildings from the past and and fall foliage is a true representation of colonial New England. We will spend the day shooting in this area before heading back to our hotel in Boston

Day 4