During our travels over the years, we have discovered a large number of travelers with cameras ranging from the simple
light weight point and shoots to the more elaborate SLR's want help learning how to get the most out of their equipment
in order to get the 'perfect shot". Teacher's excitement rivals the student's when success is acheived ! There's no greater
thrill than seeing the novice with a point and shoot compete with a more expensive SLR and get "the" shot.


The staff at Photo Tours Of America offers one on one, hands on training. They are there to work with you and
make sure you get the shot YOU want.

Mickie Blackmon...The encyclopedia of camera! Not only does she have detailed knowledge of camera functions, she
supports this knowledge with her ability to use it !

Mickie has worked years in the retailMickie has worked years in the retail end of photography selling cameras and camera

Mickie has worked years in the retail end of photography selling cameras and camera equipment.
She has found a large number of individuals never learn the full capabilities
of the camera they buy or often forget them. Her goal on these workshops is to prove to
individuals they don't need expensive equipment to get great shots. Mickie will be there to
help each you with the use of the camera of your choice. Bring the camera you are most
comfortable with and be prepared to REALLY learn how to use it.

Mickie puts her knowledge of the camera to good use. She has "the eye" for a picture and
utilizes the camera to the fullest...shutter priorty, ISO speed, aperture priorty, exposure
compensation, flash and more. Sometimes humorous, you might see her sides ways, on
her stomach, her back, up side down...whatever position it takes to get the shot. She's like
a hunter stalking the "kill"...from bugs, insects, flowers, to full wide angle scenery. She loves
to teach and loves to look at photos. PLEASE...do not miss out on taking full advantage
of her knowledge and skills.

Tour leader, Brian Paine, was born and raised in New England. His parents shared their love
of the area with him and, from early on, they spent all their free time showing him around "THEIR"
home. Brian and his father would leave home before sunrise and head out to take pictures. They
visited the usual "tourist" stops and then headed off to explore and photograph the back roads.
Brian actually discovered where some of the best TREES were to be found and photographed!
His knowledge of the areas will take you to places tour buses can't and won't go! Some of the
"locals" have yet to discover his "secret" places.

Brian is there to help you find "the shot", use your camera functions to get it, and help you with
the elements of photography. Brian's love for photography is matched by his love for sharing
his knowledge of the area with individuals who have never been there before.